Integrated Truck Surveillance System
Model 14755

This unit is
one of (8) temperature sensing probes supplied with each car set of equipment.

This unit is one of the (2) truck hunting sensor sub-systems supplied with each car set of equipment.

The purpose of the ITSU Controller is to provide the following:

• Hot Bearing Detection
• Truck Hunting Detection
• CIN communications via a LonWorks FTT-10 communications port
• PTE interface
• Maintenance Event Logs
• Maintenance Forecasting Logs

Hot Bearing Detection

The ITSU monitors the temperature of each wheel bearing on the car. When the bearing temperature reaches a predetermined level, a hot bearing alarm is activated. The hot bearing alarm consists of opening the truck surveillance train line, and sending a message over the CIN . The system also provides for monitoring of the temperature sensors, and sending a sensor failure alarm, when a failed sensor is detected. 

Truck Hunting Detection

The ITSU monitors the lateral accelerations of each truck assembly and when the truck-hunting rate exceeds the defined level, a truck hunting alarm is activated.  Solid state accelerometer sensors are used to measure truck hunting rates, and are connected to the ITSU controller through a serial data link. The sensors are monitored for normal operation, and a failed sensor will cause a sensor failure alarm. 

PTE Interface

PTE Definition
The portable test equipment is used to perform all functions associated with the troubleshooting of the ITSU and for any data transfer requiring the use of a serial link. This PTE  consists of a portable laptop PC compatible computer. The PTE interface  allows the user to obtain data such as fault, status indications, and data logs.  It also provides the user with a diagnostics suite with full test capabilities, system data upload capability, and software/firmware/micro code updates. 

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